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At Antique Wood & Millworks, we know that there's a reason you're searching for a reclaimed wood seller rather than buying traditional lumber. You want the best - the strength and durability of fine North America-sourced wood and the intriguing character and back story of a "life once lived" in every piece of timber. We strive to provide the finest of both in our artisan facility, based in the heart of Ashland, Ohio. Want to know a little more about our process? Here's what we do to ensure a reclaimed wood purchase through us is an assurance that you're getting the very best in the business:








reclaimed wood ashland ohioWe source all of our reclaimed wood products.

We don't buy from other brokers and we aren't a "middleman" that resells on a markup. We locate prime wood reclaiming sites across North America and work with the property owners and demolition experts directly to purchase the raw reclaimed wood. In some cases, we even travel directly to the site and remove the wood ourselves to ensure it's responsibly removed and remains structurally sound before sending it to our milling facility. This beautifully aged and seasoned wood can come from a variety of sources, such as old factories, barns, salvage, and wooden structures.


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Our staff of experts, many from the local Amish community, kiln-dry and mill each piece of wood.

These steps are required to give the wood strength, beauty, and a one-of-a-kind look that will elevate your building or renovation project with every installed board.

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We receive your call and request for a quote.

During your free consultation with us, we'll discuss your needs - how much reclaimed wood is needed, measurements and lengths, job site and desired specifications, such as type of wood or a specific source.

reclaimed wood ashland ohioWe are available to consult on larger building projects.

We will often fly out to meet our clients on-site in order to discuss their building needs, offer guidance and view the future installation area(s) in person.

We can also speak directly with a designer or builder, either over the phone or in person, to discuss unique specifications like tongue and groove boards.

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reclaimed wood ashland ohioYour custom reclaimed wood order is delivered for you to install or have installed.

We follow our reclaimed wood products every step of the way, from recovery to refinishing to the final handoff to you for your project. Your satisfaction with our product and service experience is our driving goal, and that's a level of service and dedication that you simply won't find with our competitors.

Want to explore our commitment to excellence firsthand? CALL US to request a quote or discuss your reclaimed wood sourcing needs today!

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