Why Antique Woods & Millwork?

When you decide to build or renovate, the details are what matter: the location you choose, the hues of your decor, the intention of your space - these all speak volumes to your impeccable taste. At Antique Woods & Millworks, we believe that each piece of lovingly restored wood that travels from our company to your needs should also tell a story: one of enduring quality.

For projects both large and small, we are pleased to offer a unique array of benefits that our competitors simply do not:









reclaimed wood ashland ohioWhen you purchase reclaimed wood from Antique Woods & Millworks, it comes directly from the source.

We don't purchase our reclaimed woods from secondary suppliers. We stock our own, and in some cases, even travel to the site itself to do the demolition and reclamation work by hand. That level of care and concern is rare in our industry, which is one of the many reasons our clients keep us in mind, project after project.

reclaimed wood in ashland ohioA history of quality and expertise guides the company. 

Five generations of dedicated woodworking experience guide the helm of our service-driven approach. We weren't born of an architectural fad, our roots are as deep as the trees that once provided our gorgeous reclaimed woods.

reclaimed wood productsOur impressive stock is composed of quality North American wood from across the nation.

From rustic Ohio barns to beautifully aged factories in Pennsylvania, the slats, boards and other wood our company carefully reclaims and restores is simply breathtaking. We're happy to match you with the type of wood you need, the source you'd like, or any other design variable that will add depth and history to your build or renovation.

reclaimed wood productsWe're happy to offer guidance and suggestions for reclaimed wood uses on your project.

From sourcing to quotes to delivery, even if the rest of your project is proving an uphill battle, you won't have to worry about your reclaimed wood when you work with Antique Woods & Millworks. We're ready to work with you to solve the most challenging sourcing or matching dilemmas, and we have an innate skill in doing so, thanks to our collective wood restoration experience and large backstock.

Are you searching for reclaimed wood suppliers, but want to be treated with the respect you deserve as a client? 

You can enjoy both a large selection of reclaimed, North American wood and talented representatives to assist you when you CALL US. Here at Antique Woods and Millworks, we're proud to echo the strength, versatility, and dependable service of the woods we sell. 

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