Utilizing Beautiful Reclaimed Wood

Curious about incorporating reclaimed wood into your building or renovation project? You certainly aren't alone. The beauty of our in-house restored wood is legendary among our clients, which is why we've grown to carry such a large assortment of sizes, wood type and North American site-sourced products to choose from.


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Why Should I Use Reclaimed Wood?

At Antique Woods & Millworks, reclaimed wood is the heart and soul of our business. Much like the beautiful natural patterns in each piece of wood we restore, we believe that your building or renovation projects should be more than what meets the eye. While traditional store-bought lumber can certainly frame out a room or an object, if you're hoping to incorporate a structural focal point or want to create one-of-a-kind furniture, you need something a little more nuanced. When you buy reclaimed wood through our company, you'll know that each piece carries an intriguing history, and has been dutifully restored to its original splendor - or better. Reclaimed wood is also an eco-friendly alternative to new cut, store-bought lumber: each piece of reclaimed wood you use represents less landfill waste and deforestation.

Where Can I Find Reclaimed Wood?

We comb North America to find the most interesting and beautiful woods to harvest and restore. Barns, farms, factories - even boathouses - are all places where our reclaimed wood products might begin their journey to your hands. With a discerning eye born of 5 distinguished woodworking generations, we select only the best reclaimed wood for our valued clients, restoring each piece in-house for unmatched quality control and consistency. Once we sort and mill each reclaimed piece, gorgeous natural patterns emerge - the perfect fit for your project aesthetic needs.

What if I Need a Custom Reclaimed Wood Order?

At Antique Woods & Millworks, we're pleased to help you source reclaimed woods for unique projects: even if you're looking for bigger-than-average volumes for larger builds or smaller, specialty pieces. In the unlikely event that the pieces you're looking for can't be found in our extensive reclaimed wood stock, we're happy to seek out new sources so that you can stay on time and in budget. Our existing network of contacts for reclaimed wood sites stretches across North America, positioning our company as an expert, quality resource for artisan builders nationwide.

No matter what your vision may be, our noteworthy stock of reclaimed woods can help you bring it to vivid life. We invite you to CALL US today to inquire about our current wood stock and to discuss your custom reclaimed wood needs.

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